February 26, 2024

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How to Choose Eco Toothbrushes?

One of the most important things we use every day is a toothbrush and nearly all of them are made of plastic. These toothbrushes weigh around 18 grams each and we use about 300 toothbrushes in our entire life. This also implies that we throw around 5 kilos of plastic in the trash and this ends up polluting the environment massively. If you want to head on to the sustainable way, it is always advisable to pick the eco-friendly toothbrushes. 

In our guide below, we will be helping you know the best ways to pick these toothbrushes. 

Wooden toothbrushes that are natural and biodegradable 

The ecological toothbrushes are completely biodegradable and plastic-free. They are made with natural materials and this helps them to not stay stagnant in the landfills. These toothbrushes are mostly made with bamboo or beech wood. At times, the bristles are also made naturally using the boar hair. This will help you take effective care of your teeth. 

Smart Toothbrushes that are innovative 

These are the most popular eco-friendly options that are being used today. They come with sleek and durable aluminum handles and replaceable brush heads. These toothbrushes contain about 5% or lesser percentage of synthetic materials. They offer hygienic brushing solution; the old toothpaste and germs would never come down rolling due to its intelligent design. 

Before picking these toothbrushes, check these points to get the best deals. 

  • Pick the brushes with bristles that are free from BPA. This specific compound is extremely harmful for human health and it is present in the plastic toothbrushes. 
  • Pick the nylon toothbrushes that do not contain petroleum derivatives in them. 
  • Pick the brushes with replaceable bristles on them. Look for brands that take back your old brush heads and get them commercially recycled for future use.
  • Go for eco brushes that are primarily made of sustainable materials. This is because when replaced over time, there won’t be any added carbon footprint that you will be contributing to the environment. 
  • Also, the best ecological toothbrushes will have their logos printed over them with laser and not with ink. This will further prevent the usage of chemical dyes on them. 

Nada eco toothbrush boasts of all these qualities and is an excellent alternative to those plastic brushes, which are harmful for both humans and environment alike. Make a smart choice with these toothbrushes today and contribute to a healthier environment.