February 26, 2024

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What is the variety of treadmills and their benefits?

It doesn’t matter whether you are a fitness pro or starting to have a healthy lifestyle. A treadmill is the best exercise equipment that you can use to reach your goals. Understanding the different types can help you to know what is ideal for your needs.

A treadmill is a stationary machine that allows you to run or walk that is ideal for indoor exercise. There are other types of treadmills that give you speed and incline settings. It is possible for those that like to improve their cardio. There are electric treadmills that have Bluetooth and LCD touchscreens. You can watch training programs to boost your workout. You can visit treadmills Australia as it will give you different treadmills.

Less impact for runners

When you are running outdoor it will give you a high impact and you will have problems in your back, ankle, and knee. But when you have treadmills it gives you a soft running surface that is good for shock absorption.

Helps you to feel good

Aerobic exercises such as walking and running on a treadmill can make you feel good. Maybe you are working out to make your heart stronger, lose weight or lower your blood pressure.

Building bone and muscle density

When you exercise it builds strong leg muscles and enhances your core strength. It helps to make your heart strong and avoid you from getting osteoporosis. And it gives your body strong bones by having a low-intensity exercise.

Enhance your mental health

Aerobic exercise are releasing endorphins which are chemical compounds that enhance mood. And it gives your workout a good mood that increases motivation that makes you stick to the program.

Types of treadmills


Manual treadmills are affordable and lighter compare to motorized treadmills. When you use a manual treadmill it is more straightforward than an electric one. It gives you features that are outside of the treadmill handrails and belt. But it is an ideal option when you are planning to use it in your house. It stops moving when you stop running or walking. Some models are foldable so when you have limited space or you like to keep them you can use them easily.


Commercial treadmills are ideal to use in the gym because it has a built-in horsepower. Sometimes it has a heart rate monitor, digital screen, and motor incline. You can see it mostly in gyms and it is also ideal in your home gyms but it is more expensive.


The machine is known for its durability and it is expensive compared to other models. It offers both treadmill and elliptical machine which is why it is more expensive.