May 22, 2024

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Best Food to Keep Your Teeth Healthy

Some foods help to maintain a healthy pair of teeth. Similarly, like some food that affects your teeth, there is food that you should include in your diet that will help your teeth. Including such food will add nutrition to the food and will help your teeth and gums in the long run. If you want to improve your teeth and overall oral health, a Dacula family dentist has suggested having the food that is listed.

Carrots And Other Crunchy Vegetables

Carrots are rich in vitamin C, fiber, calcium, and keratin; all of these will help your teeth to be healthy. Crunchy vegetables like celery, broccoli, bell peppers, and carrots are also regarded as natural dental cleaners. 

The crunchy texture of these vegetables is great for cleaning the teeth and maintaining your pearly whites. So next time your mother serves you a bowl of vegetables, have it.

Milk And Its By-Products

Having milk makes your teeth stronger; you must have heard this as you were growing up. But if you are someone who is not fond of milk, you can also have cheese and yogurt. Milk and its by-products are abundant in calcium and casein. These two nutrients help to keep the teeth healthy, and the enamel of the teeth is also protected. 

Try to include these items in your diet as much as you can. Further, you have another reason to order pizza for dinner.


All kinds of nuts are beneficial for your dental health. Cashews, Brazil nuts, and almonds are high in calcium and phosphorus. These nutrients not only make the teeth healthy but also help the teeth to fight off cavities. 

Munching on nuts is not only healthy for your teeth, but it helps the gums to be healthy too. Further, if you have them replacing the junk food that you have for snacks, you will notice numerous health benefits. 


As you must add this food to your diet, there is food that you must avoid too. Having too many sugary dishes, including beverages, will destroy your teeth over time. Further, having too much starchy and carbohydrate-rich food is also not healthy for your teeth. They build up plaque which, in turn, causes various infections and oral diseases. Try including the food that is mentioned along with high-protein food. Protein is also a great nutrient that will keep your teeth healthy.