February 26, 2024

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How Can Dentists Aid Kids?

As a parent, you might be curious about how young children’s teeth are handled. Do they eventually fall out and develop into adult teeth? Even infant teeth need to be maintained, though! In addition to routine cleanings, pediatric dentists offer the following services:

Training in Dental Health

Children have limited awareness of their bodies. Children may become excited about the tooth fairy when their teeth become loose or fall out, but dentists can educate kids about what occurs when baby teeth are lost as well as the significance of cleaning and caring for their teeth.

Additionally, parents may receive information and resources from pediatric dentists to help them support their child’s dental health. Many dentist offices offer books and coloring pages as well as other educational tools to help parents teach their children good oral hygiene habits. Additionally, a lot of dentists offer complimentary consultations to go over a child’s individual oral health requirements.

Sealants for Teeth

Dentists may play a significant role in preventative care, despite the fact that the majority of consumers associate them with tooth restoration. To help safeguard children’s teeth, dentists can apply fluoride treatments and sealants, for instance.

The surfaces where you chew on your back teeth are most susceptible to decay and are coated with sealants, which are thin, clear coatings. Fluoride treatments involve coating the teeth with a fluoride solution, strengthening and guarding them against decay. By receiving regular fluoride treatments and sealants, kids can help lower their chance of developing cavities.


Braces are no longer just for kids! They can be applied to both adult and juvenile teeth. The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that orthodontic treatment starts around age seven. The combination of baby and adult teeth seen in children at this age facilitates orthodontic treatment. Additionally, bones are still undergoing development at this age, making them more susceptible to tooth movement. Therefore, therapy provided during this window of opportunity may be more efficient and last less time.

While some parents worry that their children may find braces uncomfortable or challenging, current braces are more comfortable and effective than earlier models. With the help of a professional orthodontist, your youngster can gain from a straighter smile.

Even some children might be able to use aligners in place of braces! Custom-made to suit your teeth, aligners are less noticeable than braces and can be taken out while eating. For some people, this is a more practical option, especially since some children dislike the additional maintenance that braces require.

Finding a Caring Dentist

Many children have dental phobias. As a result, parents must select a facility that offers children soothing therapy so that they will feel at ease attending routine checkups. One such location is your dentist in Wilton, CT, at Wilton Smiles. We achieve this by making sure children are aware of our objectives prior to beginning treatment with us. This lessens total stress, which leads to less suffering and a better outcome.

You won’t ever hear your child complain about their pediatric dentistry appointment if you choose Wilton Smiles. As soon as your children start to erupt teeth, take them to our client for routine dental care!