September 24, 2023

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How to Make Your Healthcare Job Posting Stand Out

If you are a healthcare recruiter, job postings are not only how you find candidates, but how you find the right candidates. Online healthcare job board Health Jobs Nationwide ( say that their site (which is just one many) is often flooded with job postings far in excess of the number of candidates looking for those jobs.

Indeed, the U.S. talent market is currently saturated with vacancies, and candidates are becoming more discerning as a result. It has always been good advice to do what you can to stand out with your job postings, but it is now, arguably, more important than ever.

It isn’t just that a poor job posting will not attract talent – they might well get a few applicants – but with the competition so high, you might find yourself in the unenviable position of feeling the need to take on a substandard candidate just because you don’t expect to get anything better. But doing so ultimately leads to substandard healthcare for patients. This is very worth pointing out simply because it is, in fact, far more common than you might expect.

Indeed, one of the effects of a strong jobseeker’s market is that this type of thing happens all the time, and the result is usually a high turnover or talent at any given healthcare institution. This in turn leads to a lack of team cohesion and, ultimately, poorer care for patients. But do everything you can to make your job posting stand out and you can be appropriately selective when vetting candidates.

What Makes for a Good Job Posting?

There are many ways your job posting can stand out amidst all the others. However, before working on standing out, one especially important thing is to make a good job posting. What does that involve though? A good healthcare job posting is one that will give all the relevant information clearly. Qualifications should be clearly stated as going slack on this is a sure way to run into the problem just described.

How to Stand Out

So, you have presented the essential information up front and you’re not leaving anything to guesswork on the part of the candidates. So far, so good. This is the bare minimum, however. Also do this:

Show the Salary Range

And really show it. It has been demonstrated that even below-average salary ranges for particular positions draw in more applicants than those that leave this something of mystery. Not to mention that doing this will also save you negotiation hassle at the interview stage (although one should try to still be willing to negotiate).

List the Specifics

Now, this does not need to be at the top of the posting in bold lettering, but you should include plenty of specific information. Some of this can be attractive – such as job perks or flexible hours, for example – but even the more neutral stuff is still best stated in detail. It’s all about showing what the job involves as this will make applicants more confident that they know what they’re getting themselves in for.

Explain Why You’re Hiring

For the same reason as listing specific information, telling your potential candidates why you are hiring is a terrific way to draw them in. It will make them feel like they will be more valued when they enter the job if they know, ahead of time, just why they are needed.

All of these are things which are nowhere near as common among job listings as they should be. And that, above all, is why including them in your listing will make you stand out.