May 22, 2024

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Review of Aspect Dr Problem Skin Serum

My skin was always problematic. I’ve experienced acne since I was a teenager. Still, thankfully throughout the decades, I’ve been able to locate effective skincare products and maintain a regimen that has kept severe outbreaks to a minimal – though it still arises from period to period, no doubt brought on by stress, times of poor eating, and hormone shifts. So when I came to test the Aspect Dr Problem Skin Serum when my complexion was having a few of those times, I gladly agreed. And because I was expecting and worried about what I was consuming and the products I had been using, I verified with the brand, who affirmed that the serum still was okay for me to use. However, when it arrived, I decided not to use it because most blemishes solutions are completely off-limits when pregnant. Significantly.

And spent weeks doing nothing except staring at the result. And, for some explanation, my skin completely resolved and became clearer than it’s ever been, so I realized I didn’t need to have this serum after all.

My son was subsequently born, and my skin stayed in relatively excellent shape, but ever more breakouts appeared as the months went by. Since I recently finished breastfeeding, my hormone levels no likely went into a tailspin, and my complexion went crazy. Fortunately, I recalled I always had the Aspect Dr Problem Skin Serum, so I pulled it out, and here are my final impressions…

What They Have to Say:

This face-saving serum contains a rare type of stabilized vitamin C and a trio of Rainforest herbal extracts that have been clinically proved to substantially enhance the image and texture of extremely greasy and impure complexion without the stress associated with mass-market oily skin solutions. Ideal for: unclean skin, oily skin, and clogged pores.

What I Think: What I enjoy best about Aspect Dr products is that they are created and maintained in Australia – and, know it or not, the company’s headquarters are around the street, in the same neighborhood as our house, which we sold earlier this year! Second, all the products are cosmeceuticals, made with certified organic components whenever feasible, and free of all the chemical evils such as parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate, propylene glycol, petrochemical products, coloring agents, and synthetic smells.

According to Wikipedia, ingredients are “cosmetic products with biologically active components alleging to have medical or drug-like advantages,” with the claim that the compounds employed have benefits beyond typical moisturizers since they are of a higher quality.

And I really liked this Skin Serum the moment I tried it. This still has a lovely fresh citrus aroma, which seems to be my favorite scent, but the golden light serum is so strong that you only need a small amount. It quickly absorbs into the skin, leaving it silky soft, and smooth. And while it legitimizes oily skin, it is soft enough to be used both nights before bed if necessary, without hurting or burning out the skin. It also looks great under makeup.

The Problem Skin Serum provided me with some humidity. Because my skin is a little drier than usual during the winter, I found that I wanted to apply a moisturizer on top, but during the summer, when it becomes hot and humid, my skin is much more oily as a result.

While it’s used twice a day, I didn’t find my skin too oily, so I’ve simply used it throughout the day, followed by my usual SPF day cream. I could notice the change after just one day of use. My makeup remained on all day without appearing oily or shiny, and then after roughly a month of use, I am delighted to report that my skin has been back to normal. It’s less oily in the t-zone, which was the biggest problem, and as a result, I’ve had fewer of those terrible large breakouts. And when I’ve had such a pimple, it appears to have healed up considerably quicker than anticipated. The leading Aspect Dr store in Australia – The Skin Care Clinic.

It’s very flashy! At over $120 for 30ml, that’s on the pricey side, but if you, unlike me, have used every product under the sunlight to try to solve your skin issues, most of them ultimately make your skin red, inflamed, and dried, then you just cannot go beyond this serum. It is both mild and effective!