May 22, 2024

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Ways to Protect Yourself Against EMF Radiation

It is important not to stoke panic when talking about the harmful effects of EMF radiation. No, your laptop or cell phone is not going to give you brain cancer. However, EMF radiation has been shown to have certain negative effects on anyone undergoing continual and sufficiently intense exposure. Synergy Science, a world leader in EMF protection products, advise that taking a few precautions to protect yourself from EMF radiation can have numerous noticeable health benefits – or at least reduce harmful health effects that you might have been experiencing. 

For example, repeated exposure to EMF can cause symptoms like fatigue, brain fog, and irritability. Again, none of these are life threatening, but they could be having a negative effect on your day-to-day quality of life. Thus, it makes a great deal of sense to do something about your exposure to EMF radiation. Especially in a world where laptops, smartphones, and global telecommunications infrastructure has literally surrounded us with this type of radiation. 

Combatting EMF

When it comes to actually doing something about the problem, there are many potential remedies that could work for you. These can be roughly divided into two camps – active protection and lifestyle changes which can limit your exposure to EMF radiation. The first of these is what would include the so-called QI devices – like those produced by Synergy Science – which can create a field of protection around the area where you are most likely to come into contact with EMF. 

The second category covers all the simple things and good habits which can limit your exposure. For example, it is best not to rest a laptop on your lap (despite the name!) or hold a cell phone to your ear for extended periods. And you certainly shouldn’t allow your children to be glued to the tablet for hours on end. 

Simple Ways to Reduce EMF Exposure

So, what are some of the best ways to limit EMF exposure that you can implement in your life right now? Some of these simple tips can be an immense help:

Limit Your EMF Sources

Of course, the presence of some EMF-emitting technology is simply a part of modern life. It probably isn’t feasible for you to get rid of your devices. However, you can check to see which ones you really need, and you can create a least one room in your home that is entirely device-free (preferably the bedroom). 

Reduce Time on Devices

Closely related to the previous tip is this one about simply cutting down on your device use. The thing about many modern smart devices is that they seem to encourage continual, listless use. With a little discipline, you can probably cut your usage time in half. 

Avoid Direct Body Contact 

Or, in other words, do not put the laptop on your lap. The effects of radiation on your body increases with proximity (and exponentially at that). Accordingly, try to keep your devices at a literal arm’s length. 

Go Wired Where You Can 

Wireless technology has brought us many benefits, but it isn’t really always necessary. Wired alternatives still exist and are just as effective in a range of situations. For example, you could use a wired headset instead of a Bluetooth one or you could plug your smart TV directly into the router. 

Last Word 

If you feel the negative effects of EMF radiation acutely, then you should probably look into EMF-reducing devices. However, these tips alone can go a long way to significantly reducing your exposure. And it seems clear today that this is something everybody should be doing.