June 14, 2024

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  What Are the Benefits of Chelation Therapy?

Chelation therapy is a medical treatment that is most commonly used to remove toxins like heavy metals from the body. The procedure usually requires an IV. An oral method of chelation therapy is effective for some people.

During chelation, ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA) is administered and acts almost like a magnet, attracting toxins and causing them to adhere to the chemical. After filtering through the body, the EDTA is naturally eliminated through urination, taking the toxins with it.

Top Benefits of Chelation

Chelation therapy has traditionally been used for people who have been overexposed to metals like mercury and lead. However, the therapy is also helpful for people who have not been diagnosed with heavy metal poisoning.

Metals don’t leave the body on their own, and people are exposed to heavy metals in unexpected ways. Certain vaccinations, eating farm-raised fish, dental fillings, and other seemingly harmless exposures can cause metals to build up in the body. Chelation offers a number of benefits for reducing health risks and improving overall health.

May Reduce Pain and Inflammation

EDTA has been shown to behave in the same way antioxidants behave inside the body. One theory suggests EDTA may reverse damage caused by free radicals, reducing inflammation and pain caused by inflammation.

May Lower Risk of Heart Attack

Chelation therapy has been shown to reduce the plaque and scar tissue that can build up in arteries. Removing this debris naturally reduces the risk of heart attack or stroke. A study sponsored by the National Institutes of Health confirmed a modest reduction in cardiovascular episodes after chelation therapy was performed.

Improves Overall Health

In addition to removing heavy metals, EDTA may remove calcium ions from the arteries. Calcium ions behave like glue inside the vascular system, causing the dangerous plaque that may lead to stroke, heart attack, arteriosclerosis, and other health problems.

Removing the buildup of calcium ions allows for improved blood circulation and nutrition delivery throughout all 75,000 miles of blood vessels inside the body. While results cannot be guaranteed and will differ for each person, some of the many health advantages of chelation therapy may include:

  • Restore blood sugar balance
  • Reduce irregular heartbeat or heart palpitations
  • Relieve chronic shortness of breath
  • Reduce chronic infections
  • Improve male sexual health
  • Ease digestive problems
  • Improve skin elasticity and reduce skin problems
  • Improve circulation by restoring blood flow
  • Increase energy levels

EDTA chelation therapy has been used around the world for over 75 years. The treatment is FDA-approved for heavy metal toxicity and has been backed by significant research.

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