February 26, 2024

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What is Causing Your UTI?

When bacteria enter the urethra and travel through the urinary system, this is known as a urinary tract infection (UTI). Though most common among women, men and children are also susceptible to the problem. UTIs are quite uncomfortable, and for some, they can be chronic infections.

There are many causes for UTIs, and they are not always our own fault. However, being mindful of the common factors can help lower our risks. To help fight against them, there are also many steps that you can take, such as taking all-natural UTI supplements from Utiva Health.

Use the following article to help you if you have a UTI or are concerned about getting one in the future.

UTI Symptoms

Before going into the causes, it is vital to know what signs to look for in a UTI. The most common symptom related to the infection is a painful or burning sensation any time you urinate; these pains can also move through other parts of your body, including your back and pelvis.

When urinating, you may also notice issues such as a clouded color or even blood. Your urine’s odor might also be much stronger than usual/ For some. These symptoms can be so bad or hard to deal with that they can lead to feelings of fever and chills. UTIs can also cause vomiting in more severe cases.

Because UTIs spread through the urinary system, they also affect the bladder. This means that it can lead to disorders like an overactive bladder (OAB), which causes urgent and frequent bathroom trips.

When these symptoms arise, make sure you talk to your doctor immediately to find out if it is a UTI or something worse. They can also provide you with strategies for best dealing with them.

Common UTI Factors

Now that you know what to expect with a UTI, you need to be aware of why you could be getting one. Genetics, health, and lifestyle all can play a part in an infection.

Hormone Changes

Age and pregnancy are both key reasons for UTIs. Our bodies change in a variety of ways as we age. One of these changes is a drop in the circulating amounts of the hormone estrogen. The decrease in estrogen can affect the bladder and urethra, making it easier for germs to cling to the walls of those organs and cause infection. Furthermore, as we age, our immune systems may become less powerful, making it more difficult for our bodies to fight illness.

Pregnancy also causes hormone changes, which also weakens the immune system. Pregnancy UTIs can also be due to the developing uterus putting pressure on the bladder, making it harder to empty entirely. This permits urine to accumulate in the bladder, creating an ideal habitat for germs to flourish.


Friction is one of your biggest enemies if you want to ward off UTIs. This is because friction increases the chance of getting an infection. Two of the most common ways you could cause friction are through sexual activity and through tight clothing.

During sex, the constant motions can rub your urethra and push bacteria further through your body. This is why it is recommended that women immediately pee after sexual activity to flush out any of the bacteria before it has a chance to spread.

Meanwhile, tight underwear and jeans can rub against your genitals. This can also cause excessive moisture, which can cause bacteria to fester. The best way to prevent this is to try finding looser-fitting underwear or jeans.

Health Issues

Some diseases or injuries that you might have suffered from can also be the culprit for your UTI. As mentioned before, weakened immune systems make you a better target for bacteria.

  • Along with weakening your body’s health, diabetes can also cause a build-up of sugar in the urine that leads to excessive bacteria.
  • Those who have had a spinal cord injury have a more difficult time emptying their bladder, which can cause build-up. Some also have to use catheters, which can cause the same friction that is caused by sex and tight clothing.
  • If you have any urinary system blockages, such as kidney stones, your body is more likely to hold onto bacteria because they can not be flushed out.

Prevention Methods

Because there are so many causes and because UTIs are so common, there are many ways to protect yourself against infection, too!


Taking in plenty of fluids, in general, is always good to do. When it comes to your urinary system, water intake also purifies your urine and can also help you flush out bacteria much easier. While taking in more water, you should also lower your caffeine intake because these beverages cause dehydration.

Bathroom Use

Along with making sure to pee after sex, there are other types of bathroom etiquette that you should try. This includes wiping from front to back, as it prevents bacteria from your anal area from meeting your genitals. It is also just helpful in helping keep your private area cleaner and free from odors.

If you use feminine hygiene products, make sure that you change them often. If you keep them in or on too long, bacteria can linger, and it can also cause a temperature change in your genitals, which leads to moisture. Changing these products can also lower your risk for other health issues, such as toxic shock syndrome (TSS).

Supplement Intake

There are now pills that you can take to protect your urinary system! Utiva Health’s mission is to make everyone less susceptible to infections and the need for antibiotics. Their UTI supplements use cranberries, which contain proanthocyanidins (PACs). These molecules have properties that fend against bad bacteria.

When creating these pills, Utica Health worked with physicians to guarantee they would work for customers. Now, over 7,000 doctors in North America recommend them to their patients to help with urinary tract health.

Don’t Be Embarrassed

UTIs affect over 60% of women and 12% of men, so you are not alone. As long as you take steps to fight your UT and talk to your doctor, your symptoms will recede over time. Many UTIs tend to be minor.

If you want to try and prevent another UTI from happening to you, look more into the supplements by Utiva Health. Not only do they make pills for adults, but they also have gummies for children. When they say they want to stop UTIs for all, they mean it. By visiting www.utivahealth.com, you can learn more about their supplements’ effects on the body. On their website, you will also be able to check out their other products and their UTI tracker app.

There are many reasons you could have a UTI, and it is not necessarily your fault. Thankfully, you can prevent them from becoming a frequent stressor in your life. Simple awareness, medical help, and Utiva Health can all lower your risk in no time!