December 6, 2023

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Catch Heart Problems Fast With the SmartHeart Pro

Do you struggle with a medical condition that can cause issues with your heart, such as arrhythmias? Is your family prone to heart problems, and you would like to be aware of the small changes that could become potentially life-threatening? With a SmartHeart device, you no longer have to worry about wondering if that slight flutter you feel is an oncoming sign of a possible heart attack.

Our company is here to ensure that you and your family can rest assured knowing your heart is healthy. Our devices come with memberships that allow you access to multiple board-certified cardiologists who can help you understand your results and determine an underlying cause. Investing in a SmartHeart device can be lifesaving and one of the best purchases for your overall healthcare.

How the Device Will Work

The SmartHeart Pro is simple for patients of almost all ages to understand. The technology behind our product will help deliver a high-quality ECG no matter where you are. Most cardiology patients know that ECG tests, gels, and sticky adhesives are usually involved and can be frustrating. With this small device, there is no adhesive or gel that is needed when in use. Just strap the belt around your chest and dab a few droplets of water on your chest in specific areas, and you are good to go!

Before you initiate testing, it is recommended that you hook up your device to another Bluetooth-compatible smartphone or tablet. This will ensure that your SmartHeart is working properly, store your results, and allow you to send the readings to your cardiologist. The test will then begin to work its magic and produce results that will be reviewed by one of our cardiologists in less than an hour.

After the cardiologist has reviewed your results, they will send you feedback on what the readings entail and give you a copy that you are able to share with your primary care physician and family members who are involved with your care. Having results that are delivered to you quickly can help give you peace of mind when it comes to the health of your heart.

Membership Options That We Offer

Taking control of your health has never been easier when it comes to using a SmartHeart Pro. However, we offer different membership options that could benefit you depending on the type of situation you are experiencing. Three of the memberships that we offer to patients include SmartHeart Control, SmartHeart Advantage, and SmartHeart Versatility.

The first option that we offer to our clients is called the SmartHeart Control program, and this gives you the ability to own your SmartHeart device and gives you total access to a support system that will include a cardiologist. This plan is billed monthly and offers two ECG readings per month. Upon choosing this program option, an initial consultation and ECG exam will be included. We also offer a one-year limited warranty just in case the device was to falter in any way.

Our second plan helps members save around 120 dollars annually when they choose the SmartHeart Advantage program. This program is billed every three months and is highly recommended by our clientele. It includes everything that is offered in our most basic package but will include more ECG reviews from board-certified cardiologists.

If you are just starting out with monitoring your heart health, then we recommend going with our SmartHeart Versatility membership. This program is billed month-to-month at about 109 dollars and is great for those who are just looking to get monthly checkups.

Jump Start Your Heart With SmartHeart

It’s never too early to consider monitoring your heart health, which can benefit you in multiple ways. When you consider SmartHeart devices to help monitor your care, you are providing yourself and your family with peace of mind by knowing that your heart is beating as it should. If you would like to learn more about our devices and memberships, please visit our website or contact us today!