June 14, 2024

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Get Your Marijuana Delivered Right to Your Door!

As education and research are more readily available, people better understand marijuana and its uses. This has made it easier for dispensaries to open their doors. Stoned Ape is one such cannabis store in Albuquerque, NM, that is ready to provide to all types of clients.

However, while they are excited to welcome customers into their establishment, they understand only some people want to or can do so. That is why, as part of their guarantee to provide 100% satisfaction, they have delivery services available!

How Does Delivery Work?

Whenever you visit the Stoned Ape website, you can look through its menu of various products. They carry everything from flowers and concentrates to edibles. Once you have made your selections, you can check out and provide a delivery address. This address can be saved if you sign up for their page, which will make future purchases easier!

After paying for your products, a team member from Stoned Ape will then get in touch with you through text so they can let you know when your products will arrive and where to meet. You’ll get your package after they confirm your legal ID. The best thing about this? It can all be done in one day!

Benefits of Delivered Cannabis

As mentioned previously, not everyone wants to go to a dispensary to get their marijuana. There are plenty of reasons this could be true, but one main reason stems from the scrutinization people have in regard to the drug. Even though people are warming up to the idea of cannabis use, there are still those who see users as “bad.” Delivery is much more discreet.

Because some individuals are still concerned about illnesses after the height of COVID-19, staying away from public places may still seem necessary. Thankfully, Stoned Ape can either hand the package over directly or leave it without personal contact.

This is also the perfect solution for those who may have impairments or disabilities that make going into physical stores a challenge. They don’t have to feel left out of getting the items or services they want. Even if they have questions regarding certain products, an employee at Stoned Ape can talk with them through email or on the phone to help them.

Some people live busy lives, and it can take a lot of work to make time to go out shopping. With delivery services, you can order from anywhere and determine the exact time someone stops by. If you want to schedule it for a later time, that is your call!

Stoned Ape: The Up and Coming Dispensary

Even though they have only begun their business, founders Luis and Jose Terrazas have a lot of future goals for Stoned Ape. They want to be all-inclusive in their services and hope to break the stigma still looming over marijuana use. Both are passionate about the industry and have done extensive research so that they can provide the most quality products to clients.

Whenever you enter Stoned Ape, you will be able to talk with individuals who know what types of products work best for specific needs. Whether this is you asking for a faster high or a stronger strain, they will never lead you astray.

Having access to cannabis is important, even if it is hard for you to enter a store. Let Stoned Ape provide you with the items you are looking for while you remain in the comfort of your own home. To start your first delivery, check out their website and menu today.