October 2, 2023

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Taking Edibles Safely

Marijuana can be taken in many different ways, all coming with their own side effects and levels of high. While many people continue to opt for smoking it through a joint or pipe, many others prefer edibles. Perhaps because it gives them a great experience along with a delicious treat, individuals are always intrigued to see what types dispensaries carry.

While the effects of edibles are not as fast as others, they do pack a punch when they set in. This is why people must be more aware of how to use them right so that they do not overdo it in one sitting.

Before taking edibles, make sure you use the following guideline to keep your experience at its peak and to avoid feeling heightened levels of discomfort. Dispensaries like Urban Flavors DC can answer any other inquiries you might have and can point you in the right direction when you need help choosing a tasty and satisfying edible.

The Right Dosage

Because of how tasty and edible it might look, you may want to eat it all in one sitting as you would with standard gummies or chocolate. However, the levels of THC in these products vary and need to be compared with the amount in other cannabis products. Every gram of weed used in a typical joint is comparable to a 20 mg edible.

When buying cannabis in Washington, DC, from Urban Flavors DC, they will ask you about your past experiences with the drug and how much you are able to tolerate it. If you are new to usage, then they will recommend starting with 5 mg or less. Edibles’ packaging says how much is in their product, so you would just need to divide the item into sections.

Effects Take Time

Edibles are not for the impatient, as they do not act quickly. This is because the chemicals in THC need to be absorbed in your system first. This is why people often try to take a higher dose than they should. Doing so can lead to intense and uncomfortable effects. While some products can work in as little as 30 minutes, others might take a few hours.

Make sure you take your edibles in a secure area, as well. You do not want to be affected by the dose in a public setting or while driving, as this could be both illegal and hazardous. Stay home and partake in a simple activity like watching a movie.

Food and Water

Although you might want intense effects, you should never take an edible without eating something first. Even if you think it will lead to faster results, it can also make you feel quite sick. If you still want a fast high, then try eating foods rich in fat first, like peanut butter or fried items.

Being hydrated is also essential for any type of marijuana usage. This is because it can keep you from experiencing bad side effects such as headaches. You also tend to get thirstier after using marijuana, with many feeling like they have a dry mouth.

Get Expert Advice

While your friends might be able to provide you with homemade edibles, those are not always the best way to go, especially if it is your first time trying one. You cannot guarantee how potent the treat is, and even a small bite could give you a bad trip. Your best decision is to go to a dispensary first.

Urban Flavors DC only carries products that they trust and would use themselves, so you can guarantee that getting edibles from them is safe. Their team understands how every person will experience different effects, which is why they go in-depth when speaking with you. They want your first time using edibles to be fun and will make sure you love what you get.

Even better, all of their items can be delivered right to your door in safe packaging. Even if you order chocolate in the summer, they add a cold pack to keep it from getting too melted. Since orders are usually there within 90 minutes, this is an issue you will rarely see.

Cannabis has a lot of benefits and can be enjoyable to use as long as it is taken correctly. Edibles take responsibility, so make sure you are mindful when you go to try it out. To avoid problems, turn to Urban Flavors DC, for the cleanest products and most helpful staff in Washington, DC.