May 22, 2024

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Common Spinal Issues

Your spine is (literally) the backbone of your body. In order to perform some of the most basic functions, such as walking or sitting, it needs to be at its most whole function. Otherwise, your quality of life can quickly become depleted. However, problems associated with the spine are vast and commonplace for both children and adults.

When any of the following problems are giving you issues, or you are concerned about them occurring, getting true chiropractic care may be necessary. For a gentle form of treatment, consider contacting the team at Foundation Chiropractic to assist you.

Herniated Discs

Often, we think that we can handle just about anything and are stronger than others might deem us to be. However, one wrong move can lead to an immense amount of pain. Lifting something heavy and moving too fast can lead to a herniated disc.

This problem occurs whenever a disc shifts out from between your vertebrae. Most occurrences happen within your lower back. For some, the pain or symptoms might not come onset fast but will linger within the next few days. The ache may also run from your back and fester into the butt, thighs, or calves.

Other signs that you have a herniated disk include tingling or numbness, as well as weakness in the muscles. The best way to prevent a herniated disc is to practice strength exercises and stretch often. Make sure you lift items properly and only try picking up items that you know you can handle.


This disorder is characterized by the curvature of the spine. Usually noticed early on in life, scoliosis can become debilitating if not treated timely or properly. When curves are extreme, it can make breathing difficult as the vertebrae can hit the lungs and sternum. Scoliosis also leads to poor posture and chronic back pain.

Most forms of scoliosis have no known cause, which makes it difficult to prevent. Because it is often noticed in the early stages of life, there may be issues whenever a baby’s bones form in the uterus.

Along with doctors keeping a close eye on children with the disorder, adolescent chiropractic care is becoming more prevalent. Not the same back cracking and popping that many associates with the treatment, this care approach is gentle. Children’s bones are still forming, making them easier to mold or shift.


Sciatic nerves are prominent in your back and run through the lower part of your body. In fact, it is the longest nerve in your whole body. Whenever something slips and hits the nerve root, it can cause sciatica. This results in inflammation, irritation, and a numbing sensation.

Most cases of sciatica come from herniated discs. However, being overweight can also lead to this problem, as the spine tries to lift the extra weight at the front of the body. Lacking muscle tone can also make it harder for your spine to provide support to your body.

Another cause of sciatica is pregnancy. As a way to make delivery more accessible, your body releases relaxin, which loosens ligaments and makes your body softer. Mixing this with the growing fetus’s increasing weight, pregnant women can easily pinch their sciatic nerve.

Not treating sciatica can lead to ongoing symptoms and may even result in permanent nerve damage. This can cause total numbness and weakness in not just your back but your legs and knees, too. Having a good health plan set and getting chiropractic work done can both help lower your chances of sciatica. Practices like Foundation Chiropractic can even help with pregnancy chiropractic care.

Spinal Stenosis

Arthritis can cause a lot of havoc on the body. Along with the pain that it causes your joints, your spine is also affected. Because it wears down your muscles, the spaces between your spine can become narrow and lead to spinal stenosis. This can affect both your back and your neck.

Spinal stenosis is not often seen in early adulthood, as the causes usually become gradual due to age. Most of those who have it are above the age of 50 years old. Those born with scoliosis are also at a higher risk.

Symptoms associated with the disease are common among other spinal problems, like numbness and tingling. However, the pain in spinal stenosis can be so severe in some cases that it can be hard to even stand for an extended period. Some have even reported clumsiness with their feet or their hands.

In most cases, spinal stenosis is treated using cooling or heating methods whenever symptoms flare up, alongside treatment from a chiropractor or physical therapist. However, the more extreme cases may need to be cared for using oral medications or surgery.

Degenerative Discs

Another disorder associated with age is the onset of degenerated discs. Just like with spinal stenosis, arthritis is the root cause of this problem. The discs in your spine are filled with a substance that is similar to jelly but hardens over time. This can make it easier for your bones to narrow together and, without that soft part to absorb stress, will cause you pain.

There are four stages of degeneration that can take place. In the beginning, it can be hard to tell that you are suffering from a problem because there are little to no symptoms. However, as time continues and degeneration continues, you can experience pains and permanent spine curves. By stage VI, you might not even be able to move like you once had.

Staying active often works as a preventive measure against degenerative discs but is not consistent enough. The best way to stop significant problems from happening is by getting examined by your doctor early on. They will be able to catch the problem while it is still in its early stages so that you can find a treatment strategy fast.

The Foundation Chiropractic Method

As an alternative to the painful-sounding treatments that most think of when imagining a chiropractor, Foundation Chiropractic is more holistic and soothing with its strategy. They use a method known as torque release technique (TRT), which means instead of their hands, they use a tool that gently rolls over your vertebrae. Along with your spine, your brain and nerves can become healed.

This treatment is so gentle and effective that it has been proven safe for both the very young and the very old. No matter what your spinal issue may be, TRT can be a great benefit to your healing process.

Foundation Chiropractic is more thorough than other clinics when it comes to treatment. Along with looking at your current problems, they look at your medical history to get a better understanding of the root causes.

Whether it be acute or chronic, Foundation Chiropractic wants to be part of your care team to ensure that you are living your best life. Click here to see all of the spinal ailments they treat and learn more about TRT.