June 14, 2024

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Ido Fishman Describes How Ab Strengthening Can Prevent Chronic Lower Back Pain

Today fitness seekers established great interest in ab developing otherwise it was a particular fitness training which was usually done by muscle builders. Ido Fishman explains that for men as well as for women, ab development has become a ‘must’ training for fitness seekers. Those who do exercises and running on daily basis end their daily training mostly doing ab development exercises. Early in the morning parks are filled with people smashing out crunches and doing sit-ups training for achieving their desired results.

Benefits of Abs Building

As explained by Ido Fishman, abs development is as important as the routine walk and normal fitness exercises for many reasons. First impression is that from the outer side of the body, abs make a man or a woman look more attractive. The inner benefits of ab building are however manifold. 

Firstly ab exercise is crucial for strengthening human torso. When torso is strong, it helps human body to have a better and a more good looking posture. Whatever a human body does physically involves torso. For instance, whether a person is walking or reaching at something or bending or sitting or lifting anything, all these involve torso. So ab training is benefitting for everyone and not simply for muscle builders, athletes or fitness seekers. In fact, strengthening abs would actually help a person’s body to prevent injuries and pains which are usually connected with spine or backbone.

Ab exercises are also important for strengthening spine by giving it maximum stability.

Disadvantages of Flat Torso

Ido Fishman believes that it is not possible for every human being to make our abs look as we want. However, every human being is capable of making them stronger. Even if a person is able to gain 6-abs yet they cannot be strong enough but they can be bettered further. They not only look good but, when strong enough, they also feel good as well.

The first impression of a no-ab or weak ab body is that it doesn’t look attractive. Secondly, if a torso is imbalanced then it can cause severe spinal pains. There is no shortage of people in the people who are suffering from chronic lower back pain. The major cause of this chronic pain is the weak torso and not having the strong ab muscles. 

What Exercises To Be Done For Strengthening Abs

It has now been scientifically proven that doing at least 100 crunches or innumerable sit-ups are not enough for strengthening abs. However, abs can be strengthened if the following exercises are carried out on daily basis: –

  1. Some of the most effective proven methods are rotation, which can be achieved through cycling, and ball crunches, which involves flexion.
  2. Secondly including two types of exercises on daily basis can also help improve ab strength. These exercises are standing ab postures and floor exercises.

It is recommended that carrying out of these exercises in 8-16 reps of 3 sets at least for 3 to 5 days a week is sufficient. All of these exercises can be done in slow pace so as to have controlled movement. They can be done even fast as well but that will consume too much of stamina and requires more momentum. However, pacing can be increased gradually once the body is used to these exercises. 

For achieving best results, a person can also add exercises such as cardio program, stretching and physical strength training. But above all, the diet is highly important for achieving the best possible results. Instead of taking too much of calories, small intake of calories is recommended. This can also help in losing bally fat or excessive bally. 


Spine is an essential part of human body. If the spine is strong, we can do our daily activities with ease. Similarly, back pain as well as chronic lower back pain can also be prevented if a person has a strong torso which can be done through strengthening abs.