May 22, 2024

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Things worth knowing before opting for Invisalign treatment in Morrisville

If you have malocclusion, gapped, or crowded teeth as an adult, you may feel conscious and unhappy about your smile. Fortunately, orthodontic care in Morrisville has come a long way, and you can find multiple options to address these concerns. There is no upper age limit to seek help from a dentist, and you should book an appointment today. There are numerous clinics for Invisalign in Morrisville, NC, but before you opt for the treatment, here are things worth knowing.

  1. Invisalign treatment is safe & effective: The procedure of straightening your smile with Invisalign involves using clear trays, which are made of plastic. The aligners are almost invisible to the naked eye and will be customized for your needs. There is no pain involved, and the orthodontist will not use local anesthesia.
  2. Commitment is crucial: Invisalign trays are unique and different when compared to metal braces. You can remove the aligners while brushing and eating, but the treatment requires discipline. You should ideally wear the trays for at least 22 hours to get the desired results. It can take anywhere between six to eighteen months to get a straight smile, depending on how committed you are.
  3. You will receive new trays every few weeks: Your orthodontist will check the adjustments for the first set of Invisalign aligners and schedule an appointment after two to three weeks. You will get a new set of trays during each visit, and if the progress is not as expected, additional scans and X-rays may be necessary.
  4. Invisalign has many benefits: Besides being almost invisible, Invisalign trays are more comfortable. The number of dental visits is significantly lower when compared to braces, and as long as your orthodontic concerns are not extreme, you are likely to benefit from the treatment.
  5. Invisalign could be a tad more expensive: Some clinics charge a bit more for Invisalign treatment, but overall, the costs are higher when compared to braces. Thankfully, you can choose flexible payment plans. If you have an insurance plan with the right coverage, you may have to pay less, especially if the treatment is necessary and unavoidable.

Final word

Not everyone is an ideal candidate for Invisalign, but at the least, you should see an orthodontist and talk about the treatment. Also, ensure that you understand the need for retainer trays, which you may need to wear for a year. The dentist will also explain other details that need attention.