May 22, 2024

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What You Must Look for When Shopping for Dog Toothpaste

We all want the best product for our dogs. From their food to the beds they lay on, we always look for the highest-quality pet-safe items. Health is no exception. All health and care items like shampoo need certain ingredients and approval so that they won’t harm our dogs. When discussing dental health, it’s usually tricky to know what type of organic toothpaste we should use.

Before purchasing, we gathered the important things to consider when buying natural toothpaste for dogs.

Never Use Human Toothpaste

Whatever you do, do not use human toothpaste to brush your dog’s teeth. This is because human dental products contain harmful ingredients for your pet. Fluoride, for instance, can cause health problems in your dog’s stomach. Additionally, the foam created by human toothpaste is something your dog will not find pleasant.

Check Ingredients

Just because it’s manufactured for dogs doesn’t necessarily mean they’re 100% safe for your pooch’s use. Often, some brands may throw in unhealthy ingredients such as artificial coloring and flavoring, alcohol, and sweeteners. Some may contain abrasive substances that could damage your dog’s enamel. Always consider looking for brands that use organic ingredients.

Consider the Flavor

Your dog will appreciate the brushing routine if their toothpaste tastes good. While humans like toothpaste brands’ cool, minty taste, your dogs don’t. Natural dog toothpaste comes in different flavors, like beef and bacon. However, the scent of fake meat present in those toothpastes may leave their breath smelling bad, so you can best choose a toothpaste that doesn’t have any flavor.

Approved Brands

Though not necessary, it’s best to choose dog toothpaste that has been approved and sealed by veterinary organizations such as the Veterinary Oral Health Council. Any toothpaste with the VOHC seal is guaranteed safe for your dog’s oral health, so consider this one.


Of course, select anaffordable dog toothpaste so you won’t get stressed out. Plenty of good quality brands have lower prices yet deliver the same efficiency as expensive ones.


While this one is optional, if you’re living in a home with dogs and cats, purchasing a multiservice toothpaste that can work for both pets can save you from the difficulty of finding the best for each and the costs. You don’t have to worry about ingredients that are inappropriate for the other since multiservice toothpaste is designed to meet the oral health standards of cats and dogs.

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